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Insight Optics uses Computer Vision to deskill specialized eye exams

The OptoView System™ lets medical staff at Primary Care or FQHCs record eye exams for an Eye Specialist’s asynchronous review. Exams are recorded by combining an iPhone with off-the-shelf tools that most clinics are already using.

  • 90% of all blindness is preventable if caught early
  • 72% of all at-risk patients regularly see their Primary Care Physician
  • Exams are reimbursable and can be completed by staff
  • Competing vision care systems can be ten times more expensive
network of specialists
Use Your Specialist Network

You select which Specialist reads exams, giving you flexibility to pick local or preferred partners

results within 2 hours
Rapid Testing

Exams can take less than 5 minutes to record and upload

no dilation required
No Dilation Required

Our mobile application is compatible with non-mydriatic ophthalmoscope hardware

Insight Optics uses Computer Vision to deskill specialized eye exams.
Insight Optics uses Computer Vision to deskill specialized eye exams.


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New Revenue Stream

The OptoView System™ opens up new revenue streams from CPT codes based around preventative vision exams

Meet HEDIS Requirements

Increase the number of diabetic patients that receive eye exams and earn incentives from insurers

Efficient Referrals

Easily refer patients that need specialist care through our mobile/desktop application

Lead Generation

Gain new patients due to referrals from Primary Care Providers and grow your practice

Priority Scheduling

Identify patients who need the most care and who can make return visits

Early Patient Treatment

Identify and treat patients early before their problems exacerbate

More care from health visits you’re already making

Because your Primary Care doctor sends exams to the Specialist, you don’t have to make a special trip

Your exam data is private

Exams are only shared between your Primary Care office and your Eye Specialist, no 3rd parties or advertisers

No eye dilation

The OptoView™ doesn’t require eye drops or the inconvenience of having your eyes dilated

What our providers
are talking about

Years of customer discovery helped Insight Optics design a solution tailored to modern medical needs. Here’s what industry leaders and customers are saying about OptoView™:

“The OptoView System™ is taking a unique approach to provide annual screening care for patients at risk of developing decreased vision by connecting local networks of primary care physicians and specialists.”

Dr. Michael Datillo, MD, Ph.D.


“There is great benefit in having instant communication with retinal specialists.
This system serves the patient’s best interest and will be an important tool for vision screenings.”
Dr. Charles Shidlofsky, OD, FCOVD


“With the potential to reach many patients, this system will improve overall patient care and open up access to specialists.”
Dr. Larry R. Taub, MD