About Us

Insight Optics is a impact driven company dedicated to connecting Primary Care Providers with local specialists for assisted diagnostics.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Insight Optics is dedicated to impacting the lives of patients by enabling physicians to provide the best care possible.

We do this by empowering primary care providers (PCPs) to record and refer retinal videos to local eye care specialists for assisted screening. Our goal is to enable PCPs to efficiently detect early signs of avoidable blindness before permanent damage is done. We accomplish this by providing PCPs a platform to connect and send patient data to local retinal specialists. This allows both users to monetize otherwise unrealized referral incentives and provide better care

The Team

Aaron Enten — CEO

Aaron Enten is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and a technical Co-founder of Insight Optics. As head of the management team, Aaron leads the creation of the company’s culture, corporate strategy, investor relationships, and drives strategic partnerships. Prior to forming Insight_Optics, Aaron is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design program, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. and MBA at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Innovation Management and Technology Commercialization. He previously worked as a project manager for Infinite Biomedical Technologies, and strives to develop technologies that will allow practitioners to diagnose patients more quickly and accurately.


Jermaine Fanfair — Marketing/Corporate Strategist

Jermaine Fanfair is the marketing and corporate strategist and co-founder of Insight Optics. As head of the execution and planning, Jermaine develops corporate strategy, leads customer discovery, advises for investor relationships, and drives strategic growth of the company.

Jermaine Fanfair is a graduate of Wesleyan University and Howard University School of Law. He was owner and managing attorney at The Law Offices of J. Travis Fanfair LLC serving as counsel to technology and research firms, advising in contract negotiations and disputes. He returned to Georgia Tech for an MBA and now serves as a Senior Consultant at North Highland Consultancy Group.

Eric Levitan — Operations Management

Eric Levitan is the operations expert with Insight Optics. As an expert of ops, Eric oversees the company’s operations and ensures company-wide alignment with corporate strategies. This includes oversight of Professional Services, Development, QA, and IT. His significant experience in the realm of process improvement and software management will be a driving force in the company’s growth.

Eric Levitan is a graduate of Duke University, and has acted as COO for multiple software companies including Argo Systems and Sintec Media. He has been a part of corporate acquisitions in his past. In conjunction with the CEO, Eric has also aided in setting the strategic goals for the company, and identified and lead new business development opportunities. Further, he ensures highly productive relationships and partnerships for the organization.

Michael Cope — Advisor | Investor

Michael Cope is the founder and retired CEO and Chairman of Interphase Corporation, a Dallas computer hardware manufacturer of high speed networking and data movement related products, sold via OEM relationships with major computer systems, telecommunication and networking companies. Since retiring in 1994, Michael has pursued a wide range of business interests and has helped multiple new start-up companies get off the ground.

Combining his technical background with market positioning, corporate infrastructure and financing experience, he serves as a coach/advisor to CEOs, and as a technical advisor to Insight Optics and investors.