Insight Optics has the only solution on the market to incorporate video capture for the patient exams.

Video exams are superior to a photo-based exam that require a great deal of skill and training to capture all necessary exam elements.
OptoView’s patent-pending algorithms search the video for the areas of the eye needed by Specialists and organizes those components for easy review.

The OptoView kit is made up of three core elements.


  • Insight Optics recommends an iPhone 8, as that’s most cost effective for clinics.
  • Newer iPhones are supported, as well as legacy hardware backdating to an iPhone 6s.


  • Insight Optics recommends a Welch Allyn PanOptic Plus.
  • A variety of Welch Allyn models and many alternative models can be supported.

IO Viewer Cradle

  • Insight Optics 3D prints each viewer cradle so the iPhone and scope mount securely.
  • When ordering, please verify your phone and scope models to ensure the right cradle is created.

Each component be customized depending on what hardware clinics already deploy.

If you would like to inquire about a specific iPhone/Scope combination, email us at support@io.care.