The OptoView platform connects Primary Care/FQHC Physicians with Eye Specialists to provide patients with the screenings that could save their vision.

Primary Care Physicians Benefits

New Revenue Streams

The average practice can generate 27k/yr.

Managed Care
PCPs can more easily meet their HEDIS and STAR compliance metrics for greater reimbursements.
Deskilled Exams
Because our Computer Vision and Machine Learning enable real-time feedback of an exam’s quality, staff training time to use the OptoView™ is minimal.
Community Impact
Your clinic can provide the screening that might otherwise get skipped, ultimately providing better care to your patients.

Specialist Benefits

New Revenue Streams
Exam reporting can be done in under 5 minutes; this can equate to an effective $1080/hr.
Qualified Lead Generation
Local exam sources lead to new patients from a non-adherent patient pool.
Scheduling Optimization
Offload your adherent maintenance based patients to a digital format to save time and optimize your schedule.
Image Quality and Content Extraction
OptoView™ platform pre-identifies the best frames from patient video exams to expedite reporting.

Billing Policies

  • Some OptoView™ users log their exams under codes 92250, 92227, and 92228.
  • Others prefer billing variations with pass-through fees and/or NOC fees.
  • Because each state, insurance, and practice adhere to different rules, Insight Optics does not make one blanket recommendation on reimbursements.
  • IO maintains a zero tolerance policy for fraud, waste, and abuse on our platform for billing exams.