Aaron Enten
CEO | Director of Vision
Aaron Enten, Ph.D., MBA is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and a technical Co-founder of Insight Optics.
Jermaine Fanfair
Visionary with a JD and MBA
Theodore LaGrow
Theodore LaGrow
Co-Founder | Director of R&D
Theodore (TJ) LaGrow, M.S. is the part-time Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision expert at Insight Optics.


Elizabeth Katafias
Director of Operations
Master of Logistics, Corporate Regulations, Policies, and the Day-to-Day.
Jacob Bieker
Technical Lead
Master of Machine Learning and Image Stitching
Michael Gladden
Technical Guru
Vets and validates IO’s work to ensure it’s ready for rollout.
Bogdan Brezuică
Senior Developer
Developer by trade, innovator by nature.
Scott Spencer
Director of Marketing and Customer Experience
Champion to make IO customers informed, empowered, and ecstatic.

Mentors, Legacy Leadership, and General MVPs

Manohar Kamath
Chris Klaus
Michael Cope